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Laura Foos knows all too well about financial struggles, how to overcome them, and using that knowledge to turn her life around having gone through bankruptcy herself when she was 7 months pregnant, being a single mother most of her daughter’s life, to then starting several profitable businesses over the past 10 years being the financial advisor for them all. Laura is passionate about LIFE, living it to the fullest and taking others with her. Laura wears many titles and gives each of her roles the dedication and effort of someone doing them full-time. She works as a Business Finance Manager as her full time corporate career with Dignity Memorial. She has been in the death care industry for over 22 year as she is passionate about serving families at a difficult time. She partners with three other hard working women in the beauty industry running both, an award-winning full-service salon, Salon Couture, and a 10,000 square foot beauty supply store, Beauty Couture. Both located in Forestville, MD. Laura can also be seen on Facebook & Instagram Live with her “Ask Foos” weekly broadcasts sharing of free tax & financial advice as she is a Licensed Tax Professional with her own company, Foos Financial Services LLC. One of her passions is educating others about taxes, savings, budgeting and being more organized as these are topics we don’t learn about in school, so most have to learn by trial and error. She is an independent consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics and manages her own real estate investments, as well. Laura does all of this while shouldering, what she calls her “WHY”, the responsibility of raising, supporting, championing and guiding the life of her teenage daughter, fondly called by all, Syd the Kid.

Laura takes others with her along the journey of living life to the fullest through sharing daily positive tidbits on various social media platforms through her posts and short videos, speaking at various events, volunteer and charitable
work. If you’ve ever watched one of her videos you’ve felt like you were there with her. Giving back is a major part of her passion for living. An integral part of her partnership with the Salon/Beauty Couture brand is supporting local
organizations such as sports teams/clubs, churches, schools and focused charities through Thanksgiving food drives, holiday toy drives, vendor extravaganzas and monetary donations. Laura never just sends money, but she physically supports almost every event with her vibrant presence and work-willing hands.